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Mangalyaan konečne u Marsu (Mangalyaan finally at Mars)

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Probe Mangalyaan under care of Indian engineers (ndtv.com)

September 24, after an eight-month journey through the solar system arrived Indian Mangalyaan probe to Mars.

Updated. On Tuesday, 5th November 2013 in 10:08 under the sunny sky with occasional clouds roared the engines of carrier rocket PSLV which has propelled the Indian probe Mangalyaan to elongated elliptical orbit towards Mars with the orbital period of 78 hours and the distance from the Earth at perigee and apogee 377 km (235 miles) to 80 000 km (49710 miles). Whether will it place India into an elite club of conquering Mars is questionable. Answer will be clear after the maneuver on an orbital path around Mars. Mangalyaan remain on our elongated elliptical orbit until 30th November and then will it start the long journey to Mars. To an orbital path around Mars will Mangalyaan be ready in September 2014. The budget for the mission is respectable $ 70 million. This demonstrates that it’s one of the easier missions with one, simple objective, to demonstrate the Indian space technologies. If they’ll get this achievement, it will be a positive contribution to the economy of India – Indian companies will confirm their quality in the international market for space technology. Indirectly, this will increase also GDP and living standards of people.

The main objective of the mission is to verify the on-board systems and systems of navigation to Mars. The scientific part is minimalist and has the task of finding tracks on the surface of Mars


Launch of PSLV rocket with Mangalayaan probe (ndtv.com)

Space technologies have a future of prosperity and ensuring all requirements of the population (from solar power plants in space to the mining of precious metals on asteroids). The main objective of the mission is to verify the on-board systems and systems of navigation to Mars. The scientific part is minimalist and has the task of finding tracks on the surface of Mars. It is merely a recapitulation and improving of data already known from previous American or European missions. One of the sub-objectives is to look for traces of methane on Mars and thus confirm or refute the data from the Mars Science Laboratory alias popularly called Curiosity. Measuring of Curiosity devices showed that the amount of methane is extremely low as indicated by previous measurements of radio telescopes from Earth.



Indian probe Mangalyaan (space.com)


  • Lyman-Alpha photometer looking for hydrogen deuterium at the top of the atmosphere,
  • Methane Sensor For Mars analyze the atmosphere of Mars and hunger debatable methane,
  • Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyzer looking mass analyzer in an atmosphere of neutral atoms,
  • Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer analyzes temperature differences on the surface and also its mineralogical and chemical structures,
  • Mars Color Camera shooting surface of Mars. These photos are for scientists and the general public priceless.

Elliptic way to Mars (kozme.cz)

Upon arrival at the orbital of Mars can stay there 8-10 months until the last device will go off. Communication with the probe and receiving of valuable data on the Earth provides an American network based in Australia, Deep Space Network. Hopefully everything will work out as it should and in our human history, it will be another small step to conquering the universe. The current probe is preparing for a second launch. In the last launch on 30th November will the probe issue Hohmnann transfer orbit to Mars.


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