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Potvrdené! Gejzír u ľadového sveta pri Jupiteri existuje/Confirmed! Ice geyser in the ice world near Jupiter exists

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Jupiters moon Europa

It is confirmed – even the moon of Jupiter (Europa) has its geysers.

Before there were speculation and indications that in the depths of cracked floes are gaysers full of water droplets. In December 2012 our Hubble telescope have been watching and it found signs of gosh of gayser.

Geyser reputedly jut 200 km above the surface and – according spectroscopy – contained only water steam without dust grains .

This may mean that on this ice world, distant from the sun roughly 700 million kilometers, may exist a liquid ocean or ocean with its viscosity similar to the Arctic Ocean.

The driving force may be the tidal gravitational dance with Jupiter. That would mean, that his massive gravity is heating up the inside of Europa.

Also other Galilean moons have considerable influence. Galilean moons are those, that had been observed by the founder of modern astronomy Galileo Galilei.

Earlier, we watched the geysers located on other worlds. It is not a rarity in our solar system.


Geysir on Europe (osel.cz)

In addition to the Earth, for example on Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Neptune moon ,Triton. Even so, examining by telescope does not worth direct research by robot. In the case of Enceladus in 2005, Cassini observed a huge geysers full of gas, dust and water steam mixed with pieces of ice.

On Europa, it’s different. The composion of gaysers is mainly water steam, although you never know what research can bring new.

It is planned to do some missions in the future, that could bring solution and answers to some of the problems that surround not only the frosty world, but the entire small system of Jupiter. One of the considered mission is JUICE.

JUICE, which stands for the name of the mission „Jupiter ICy moons Explorer“ will examine not only the huge mass of gases on Jupiter, but most mysterious icy worlds: Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

It is also my dream to hear successful landing of our probe on the moon Europa during my lifetime and see the majestic giant with distant stars in dark background.

This idea excites many of fans of astronomy and it is also a little dream not only for amateur astronomers, but also for a broad population of people.

Source: osel.cz

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Eduard Boldižár

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